About WyeMake

“WyeMake is a showcase of emerging talent in the cathedral city of Hereford, UK.
Following the success of the MidPoint exhibition in 2015, our diverse collective of makers is back with a new name, new focus, and a new exhibition. These changes underpin and represent our determination to solidify the foundation laid down through our previous endeavours and bring our exciting contemporary range of work to a whole new audience. It also symbolises the beginning of the end of our time at Hereford College of Arts.
Our collective members and their works represent a huge variation in materials, discipline and aesthetic choice. This exhibition outlines the enormous diversity of contemporary craftsmanship from makers that have toiled to define, evolve, and refine ideas that will carry them through into their first forays into professional careers. It serves as a love letter to our differences, and a celebration of our achievements – those already attained, and those waiting to be realised.”



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